Bryan SilverBaX: Artist

Bryan SilverBaX is a artist from Marietta, GA. He has always been an artist at some level but in 2013 Bryan began to do graphic design work. Bryan created over 300 graphic designs with some having been featured on various websites. That very same work is what allowed Bryan to work with Danny Trejo and several other celebrities to create some branded design work.In 2015 he started working with Upper Deck and Topps trading card companies to create one of a kind sketch cards to be used for branded card sets. That allowed Bryan to work with characters that he grew up loving from Marvel Comic, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and Aliens franchise. That very same year Bryan began showcasing and selling his work at conventions as a guest or in Artist Alley. In high school Bryan dreamed of being a comic book art and in 2019 he began working with Scout Comics, creating covers and sequential page work for various titles. Bryan continues to move forward all the while helping and encouraging other to stay creative.

Bryan SilverBaX: Actor

Living in the Atlanta area Bryan has the opportunity to be part of the growing television and film scene.  Although Bryan can be entertaining he is not a trained actor but to be a background actor (extra) you don’t need to be.  Years of military and law enforcement experiencing allow Bryan to get cast in specialized roles.  When he needs to take a break from his drawing projects Bryan can sometimes be found a film set networking and making new friends. His first project was being Channing Tatum’s construction co-worker in Logan Lucky. Bryan was in the season finale of The Walking Dead season 8 and he  has been fortunate enough to have worked on two series with Jason Bateman. It should just be a matter of time before he lands his first major role.

Bryan has also worked behind the scenes on a few smaller projects. He was assisted with special effects, branding, and promotional material. Bryan has created work for Memory Wedge Productions on a number of projects and even supplied art work for Jason Mewes’ film, Madness in the Method.

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Bryan SilverBaX: Podcaster

In 2019 Bryan decided to start a podcast. For years he has been telling stories about all the extraordinary things that he has been a part of, often being told that he is an extremely funny story teller and he should do stand up comedy. Bryan did not choose to do live comedy but opted to start a podcast. Although the podcast has has a few different names the formula remains, Bryan talks with other people who like stuff he likes. The Bryan SilverbaX Show is just a podcast where Bryan tries to support creativity, offer opinions, tell stories, hang out with friends, meet new people, and pretty much whatever he wants. The show releases new content every Tuesday with additional installments releasing at random times. You can listen to the Bryan SilverbaX Show on almost every podcast listening application.

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